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Hashrate: 100 TH/s

Minimal investment: $7,280

Estimated gross income : 0.0117 BTC

Estimated payout to my wallet: 0.00936 BTC

ROI: 30% - 80% per year

* Based on current mining difficulty
* Discount 210 USD/machine when paying in USDC/USDT.

Mechine description

Whatsminer M30S + is a newly offered machine primarily for bitcoin mining. It was created under the proven name of the MicroBT brand, which is one of the longest-running companies in the industry. The "M30S" series is the strongest in the MicroBT portfolio. The stated output of 100 TH / s gets the given model among the best that are currently being produced.

  • Manufacturer: MicroBT

  • Release:

  • Proportions: 155 x 225 x 425mm

  • Weight: 12500 g

  • Noise: 75dB

  • Fans: 2

  • Power: 3400W

  • Interface: Ethernet

  • Temperature: 5 - 40 °C

  • Humidity: 5 - 90 %

  • Mineable crypto


    You can invest from $7,280


    Share in the machine with a yield of 80% of mining (the share remains the property of the investor as long as the machine is operational)


    Please fill out our form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


    • We give our customers access to gross income information directly from the mining pool so that they can monitor the mined Bitcoins in real time.

    • We regularly send reports on all costs (energy, hosting, repairs).

    • Purchased machines are new with a 12-month warranty.

    • Billing and payment take place within 20 days of the end of the calendar month.

    • Payment is made in coin, depending on the machine, which is sent to the specified crypto wallet.

    • Our reward is 20% of the profit after deducting costs.

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