We are CRYPTO mining company

Basic information about the 2bminer.com brand The company behind 2bminer.com (PRECISE GROUP s.r.o.) was founded in the Czech Republic on August 10, 2021. From February 2022, it falls under Precise Holding a.s. The 2bminer.com brand is focused on bitcoin mining and related services. 2bminer.com sells machines for personal ownership and provides full service on them. During the first 8 months of existence, 2bminer.com achieved a turnover of over 70 million CZK.

One of the team members who directly participated in the development of the TREZOR wallet was recruited to the 2bminer.com team. 2bminer.com has developed its own unique software platform working on blockchain technology, enabling, among other things, simple automatic payment of the client to the provided wallet address. 2bminer.com provides its customers with monitoring machines through a mobile application that also provides many other functionalities.

The 2bminer.com team is no longer small, it currently consists of about 75 people. It is based on three fundamental pillars: Founder and CEO - Jakub Hlavenka
Co-founder and GLOBAL CSO - Michal Bílek
Investor and legal support - Jáchym Petřík

2bminer.com team includes also: Czech Republic: 15 people (IT, customer support, business)
Texas (USA) : 10 people
Nevada and Nebraska (USA): a joint team of 25 people
Abu Dhabi (UAE): 7 people
Dubai (UAE): 11 people externally from Seed Group
+ additional technology support and external business - 4 people globally

2bminer.com has closed cooperation with hosting centres: Nevada, Nebraska, Texas, New York, Abu Dhabi. Mining takes place everywhere using renewable resources (water, wind, solar energy + residual energy from the network in places where it has no other use). 2bminer.com provides warranty repairs of machines on each of its hostings. 2bminer.com has developed its own machine cooling on mineral oils (immersion cooling and boosting the performance of the machines to 140% while simultaneously extending their service life).

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